Services and Rates

Every massage includes a foot soak and aromatherapy. 
 (prices do not include GST)

Stress & Toxin Relief Massage

This flowing massage calms the nerves and reduces stress while encouraging the blood and lymphatic systems to remove toxins from the body. Leaving you feeling peaceful and revitalized.

1 Hour $75    1 1/2 Hour $100    2 Hours $130

 Deep Flow Massage
This massage is built to meet the needs of the 
individual, utilizing a combination of 
Deep Tissue, Swedish, Zen Shiatsu, Reflexology
and joint movement to create a balanced
treatment design.  

1 Hour $75   1 1/2 Hour $100    2 Hours $130


Deeply relaxing foot and calf massage that
restores the body back to its natural equilibrium
through applied pressure to the reflexes of the feet. 

1 Hour $75

Rejuvenating Face Massage

By bringing the healing touch to the face, skin tone can be
 improved and facial lines reduced. It refines pores, helps to
 normalize oil production and makes the skin smoother.
 Leave with a fresh, relaxed and well-rested look.
 Note: no creams, oils or any other products are used in this massage.

1/2 hour add on $25